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  • Upturn


    A stoneware ceramic sculptural vessel, measuring 5" x 6" x 6". The work is formed implementing Gryder's signature "Earth Forming" technique.


    • ART INFO

      Powerful rhythmic patterns emanate from this simple yet beautiful form. Strong sculptural relief on the outside is contrasted with a silky smooth satin gold glaze on the interior. Balance is carefully achieved to create a graceful yet solid posture. The vessel is created using an "earth-forming" technique, a one-off casting method developed by the artist. A dis-solvable "form work" is carved from silt and filled with liquid clay. Over a period of weeks, the silt & clay matrix dries and disintegrates, allowing the hardened clay within to be excavated. Glazed and fired with satin matte glaze and colored terra sigillata. The glaze is food safe. 


      Satisfaction Guarnateed  -  If you are unsatisfied, for any reason, this work may be returned for a refund, minus shipping cost.


      Artwork is carefully packed and shipped via UPS or USPS, with shipping cost automatically calculated based on weight. Tracking numbers are provided, as well as detailed shipment progress. Typically, orders are shipped within a day or two. Contact me if you require any special shipping arrangements.

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