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There is a subtle architectonic logic which pervades the artwork I make.  I think of this aesthetic as a sort of “organic tectonic”; a construction involving a language of natural forms, an assemblage of patterns associated with systems of phenomena which make up the fecund natural world.  Inspired by the life sciences, including the fossilized record and the amazing worlds opened up by electron microscopy, I cultivate a vision where botanical and geological forms seep into an organic/geometric matrix. “Earth forming,” my novel process of making, is a technique I have developed which involves carving intricate one-off molds out of an earthen mix of sand and clay. These fragile earthen “form works” last only long enough to cast my clay creations (containers, vessels and relief tiles) until they are dry and can be excavated.  The technique is uniquely adapted to forming rich bas-relief surfaces which reveal the play of light.

The lineage of my meticulously carved ceramic relief tiles traces back to the architectural terra cotta tradition of organically inspired facades. My work reinterprets natural objects and processes into a new visual language of form. I have developed a sort of "dimensional drawing" technique that is incorporated within a modular tile framework to form elegant compositions at both the level of the individual tile and that of the larger assemblage. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations, the tiles come alive in strong light, creating a mesmerizing play of shadow. My skills as an artist and an architect allow me to seamlessly integrate my artistic vision with the unique needs of the space and client. I produce initial studies as detailed photorealistic images that allow others to have a clear understanding of what the artwork will eventually become.

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