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"I create sculptural ceramic objects that engage with a deep sense of time and history; a geological time and the time of civilizations. There is a visceral joy, a complete indulgence in tactile geometric form that evokes a world where wonder still reigns. A place at the edge of the wild."

Chris Gryder


Chris’s path has consistently gravitated towards and found redemption in “making,” whether in Architecture School at Tulane, construction at Arcosanti, or research at RISD, he was inexorably driven to the haptic, to touch, and the joy of sensual sculptural form.

Commission Process


You choose from my work the elements you're most attracted, then I develop a new design.


I create a photomontage showing proposed tiles virtually inhabiting a photo of your personal space.


I continue to develop the design, allowing for the inclusion of patron input on various aspects of the piece, including color, texture, and pattern choices.